Penedo City Hall and UFAL close partnership for the regular operation of Cine Penedo.

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This initiative is the result of a cooperation agreement established on April 22nd between Penedo City Hall and the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL).

The regular operation of the cinema, which reopened in November 2023, reinforces Penedo’s status as a UNESCO Creative City in the Cinema category—a distinction it shares only with Santos-SP within the global network of mutual cooperation.

“We will provide staff to ensure Cine Penedo can operate regularly, offering a valuable leisure option to the community and special sessions for students during school hours,” stated Mayor Ronaldo Lopes. The agreement is also endorsed by UFAL Dean Josealdo Tonholo.

Sérgio Onofre, a professor involved in the Penedo Cinema Circuit and UFAL, explained that the new phase of Cine Penedo will feature a hybrid system. There will be free film club sessions on Wednesdays, alongside screenings aimed at public school students.

“On other days, we will show commercial films at a popular price. This approach is crucial for the regular operation of the cinema, encouraging the public to engage with this important cultural asset for Penedo,” said Onofre, who coordinates the audiovisual production laboratory that includes classrooms and its own building adjacent to the cinema.


By: Fernando Vinícius – SECOM Penedo

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