Penedo City of Film

Creativity, art, culture and natural beauty in a historic city. It’s a real movie scene!

Penedo is a medium-sized city in the state of Alagoas (64,000 inhabitants).

It’s historic center was declared a national heritage site by the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage in 1996. The quality and homogeneity of its colonial architecture is cinematographic by nature. Penedo was one of the 12 cities selected as a tourist destination by the “Future Tourism Program - Brazil” of the IDB and SEBRAE National in 2023.

Founded in 1560, it is one of the first cities in Brazil, going through several periods in its development path. Its condition as a fluvial port, receptive to tourism, has contributed to its cultural diversity and plurality, whose vitality is expressed in its international festivals of Music, Literature and Film. The current Penedo Film Circuit, made up of three simultaneous festivals, was recreated in 2011, preceded in the 70s/80s by one of the largest Film Festivals in Brazil. Few cities with less than one hundred thousand inhabitants have the cultural assets of Penedo.

The city’s history is preserved in two museums and a library containing 50,000 volumes. In 2023, the restoration of Cine Penedo was concluded, together with the Film School and Lab.

Penedo is one of the few cities in Brazil whose municipal governance structure includes a Creative Economy department within the City’s Tourism Secretariat. Penedo’s greatest asset are its inhabitants, whose pride of belonging and cultural engagement make the difference in a creative city.